Assignment 2 – Motion Graphics

The concept of this video is the utilization of Adobe After effects tools to create a living image from a still image. The base image is created using watercolor paints on watercolor paper. Separate the sections of the painting are divided into warm and cool colors to define where the layers of effects will be applied. To compliment the hazy appearance of the painting, I used the Ripple effect for the warm sections of the composition and the CC Rainfall effect on the cool sections.

In addition to the water effects I also applied a mild Camera Lens Blur effect to the cool colors to create the illusion of depth between the two effected layers. With the SA Color Finesse 3 the saturation and hue for the warm colors are also subtly adjusted to give some sense of change to the composition.

The overall feel of the composition is hazy and unfocused and meditative.

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Augmented Motion – Assignment 3

The motion graphics assignment 3 is about capturing dynamic motion from our living world to emphasize or contextualize the movement. The color design selected for this assignment contains black and white elements as the main presence to mute the real world elements while using more warm colors such as reds and yellows for the graphic elements. The motion graphic also incorporates some distortion using basic shapes to move within the space.

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Video Production 2 – Project 3

A video about the electronic power symbol. There is a focus on the initial audio buzz  as the light turns on with a flicker of the symbol outlining the picture to queue the rest of the video.

After the initial audio buzz the remainder of the video uses a musical pulse to stay with the power on only to fade out after the power switch is pressed again. The audio was composed with modified public domain soundbites and follows a steady tempo until the audio fades out. By reversing the initial buzz sound, the sound cuts more abruptly with the press of the power switch and needs only about a half second to fade out afterward.

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Sand Watch Morph Tutorial – Exercise Journal

This is the class activity from used to learn some of the motion graphic techniques used in After Effects. The exercise focuses on using multiple effects that can be duplicated as well as parenting to other objects.

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Motion Graphic – Poetry

They motion graphic is based on Stephen Burt’s speech on poetry from TED. It uses a light color pallet of greens and browns with a minimalistic animation approach with sparse text elements. The reason for font choice of “Gurmukhi Sangam MN” is to keep the clean simplistic look in using a sans serif font.

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Noise & Silence – Production 2

The video Noise & Silence is is based on cultural trends to provide the theme that is Silence vs Noise. The initial noise invades the residents of someones quiet space causing them to move to another space. The noise grows with drastic color changes and diagonals to emphasize a cluttered and overwhelming experience in contrast to the room. The initial shots of the room are conversely flat and simplistic in order to capture the overall theme of   Silence vs Noise.

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Production 2 – Storyboard

A storyboard for the visuals based on the ideological movements of silence and noise as well as divine living. The shots within the main characters room will be mainly consist of flat space and minimalism to emphasize the limited items of interest in a quiet setting. When the main character leaves the silent interior space to go to find something for his room, there is an emphasis an movement and more three-dimensional shots to show depth of a very busy space.

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