Green Screen Transition Experiment


This video is a practice using adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create nested green screen effects. The main focus of the sequences still life images with some variety in the transitions.

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A short montage about grabbing some food across campus. A short sequence of cuts from different locations and several match cuts. The duration of each shot is roughly the same length to give the video a steady pace.

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Video Art – Graphic Motion

The basis of this video art is a composition depicting the duality of artwork and the natural world. The basis of a lot of artwork stems from an idea or feeling and a lot of the time I use the natural world as a basis for design. The effect of using iconic objects to incorporate meaning isn’t always nuanced enough to get across the right meaning but usually makes for a safe design because of it’s familiarity. A visualization of a process deciding on a concept for artwork.

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Video Art Project

The concept for my video artwork project is based on using static images along with footage to create a juxtaposition between the visual elements. The video footage is framed within a standard notebook which transitions to a notebook computer. For the duration of the film different environments are mixed with editing tools in attempt to achieve a unique  aesthetic. The video will play with different styles just to come back to a similar style to the beginning with minor adjustments.

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Lego Documentary

A short visual documentary of Legos with several small interview segments to give some historical information and personal impressions. This video is light on the information for more of a nostalgic feel using footage from early lego commercials as well as some footage from current lego sets.


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Documentary Proposal for Production 1

The subject of the documentary that I’m going to try to film are legos and some of the history of legos


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Video Production – Bear Cat

A short video edited in Adobe Premiere with original audio mixed with video. This video demonstrates the principles of repetition and anticipation with ambient sound. The sound follows the rising action in anticipation of a collision with the bear and the biker with a dramatic pause before the falling action.


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