An Observation of The Book of Kells, The Book of Hours, and Persian Miniatures

Book of Kells



  • Bold Outlines
  • Interwoven Patterns
  • Framed Figures
  • Symmetrical Celtic Designs
  • Balance of Circular and Geometric Shapes
  • Muted Color
  • Weathered Surface
  • Centered Points of Interest

Book of Hours


  • Flowery border
  • Primary colors
  • Hashing shadows
  • Bold text
  • Simple background
  • Angular border containing organic shapes
  • Asymmetrical Design
  • Small Overlapping Elements

Persian Miniatures


  • Outlined Central image
  • Smooth Forms
  • Soft Shadows
  • Border With Flowers and Animals
  • Flat Design
  • Earthy tones
  • Isolated Figures
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