Journal – Photography and Art

The relationship between photography and traditional art which initially started as two conflicting mediums eventually turned into a symbiotic relationship with a shared evolution. The initial reception of photography seemed to be welcomed by many as a tool for anyone to have self portraits or documents made cheaply and accurately. The artists however likely saw the success of photography as a threat to their work in recording the daily life and portraiture of their world.

According to the video “The Eloquent Eye”, Alfred Stieglitz was one of the most influential photographers during the art movement to modern art. The photographers that gathered around him were at the cutting edge for photography, Pictorialism.

Stieglitz’s “Winter on Fifth Avenue” was one of his earlier photographs is particularly interesting to look at. The density of the snow in the background creates a soft atmosphere with the movement of the coaches moving through the street in dark silhouette. The contrast in the photo and harsh weather conditions gives it a sense of immediacy to the figures moving about in the frame with a balance in the photo that appears to have been painted.

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