Helvetica Impressions

The Film Helvetica is a film about the creation of the font and its place in modern culture. The design of the font was created to be simple and legible in such a way that type wouldn’t hold influence over the word made of it. Helvetica is used worldwide in public signs and logos because of its flexibility and legibility. Some designers value the neutrality of its design over more exotic or meaningful design perhaps because it would detract from what the letters are trying to show as well as how they read.

Helvetica’s strength in its design is apparent in its utility however because the font is so neutral it is weaker in character for it to gain attention of a veiwer. The absence of serifs could be a part of the reason why the font doesn’t seem to have as much movement or character as another font that would be used in a logo. Overall Helvetica font is favored to be used in a utilitarian environment rather than a unique environment.

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