Journal – Syria Planum: For Water for Oil Observation

The short film Syria Planum: For Water for Oil by Alysse  Stepanian an abstract animated film using footage seemingly from US military air strikes in combination with cgi. The narrative of the film appears to be about the conflict of powerful nations over resources such as oil and water. As armies fight the war the flags and what they stand for must be cleaned in a remote place away from the conflicts. However the history of the war cannot be wiped clean and becomes glorified and put on display for all to see. Several of the environments are used repeatedly between shots, maybe this is to create emphasis on the repeating nature of conflicts. A cow-woman figure wrapped in a bronze-like texture moves through each of the environments as an observer with movement that shows bewilderment   , and eventually swims through a body of water as oil fills the space and envelops the American flag symbolizing Americas consumption of oil. The use of dissonant tones and emphasis on the sound of the flags and the oil helps to highlight the symbols used for the films message.

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