Polyman – Origami Character Project

A marionette made of origami paper, thread, fishing line and paperclips. The structure of the marionette is based on sharp polygons as the core of the body and curved cylinders for the arms and legs. Theses features are separated by thread representing the isolated parts that form the figure with modularity, the use of color also reinforces this segmentation in the characteristics in each form. The initial design of the figure first came from the balance of modular shapes; using a balance in sharp and curved shapes creates a kind of neutral form with shadows between soft and hard edges which were then combined into a humanoid structure. The uniform modules for the central mass gives the figure stability with the consistent overlap of shapes. By comparison the arms and legs feel disjointed, but without as much overlap the appendages allow for more flexibility and movement.

img_0075 img_0084 img_0089 img_0091 img_0094

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