Basic T-Pose Character

T-pose for working maya character

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Skeleton Bone Drawing

The skeletal image is drawn with pencil on 11×14 Bienfang paper.

The focal point being the skeleton is centered along a diagonal leading from the bottom left to top right. The skeleton itself is outlined with a strong line to juxtapose the outer material and environment. The texture for the rocky background is more loose than the main figure and out of focus but uses layers of rough lines and blending to keep the environment somewhat soft. the clothing for the figure outlines the skeleton the negative space produced by the forms have their own intrigue that assists in balancing the art. The process of studying the human body and skeletal structure is important for artists and relevant in creating realistically structured figures in animated projects as well as still images.

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Cafe Room Farmhouse

First render of the cafe with lighting area lighting

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Pensil on Bienfang 18×24

The reflection drawing is based on an enclosed space with structured lines to create a sense of balance. Many of the lines stay within the center of the canvas creating a claustrophobic feeling with some melodic motion. The weight of the lines feel heavy in the imagined lines within the space symbolizing melody.

Some points for improvement are to include more variation in line weight to increase the form of the symbols,  increase contrast to improve visibility from a distance, and moving lines away from the portrait to use more of the space.

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Texture Progress

Fixing textures for cafe

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Journal – Artists

Being an artist is about outlook. Anyone can be an artist but it takes dedication and discipline to improve overtime in the medium that you work in. Some struggles in this is learning how to push yourself to learn new techniques and changing perspective on how to construct your artwork. By observing other artists and working within a community it can inspire to shift perspective and create new ideas to build upon. I find myself repeating the same techniques and strive to improve in using different mediums.

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Canon Maon

The act of creating a character from canon was a very methodical process. Establishing a setting is what came first by creating a story for the character and their motivations. This allows the character to be grounded within a world and gives them some dimension in their personality. Then the character face and clothing came into shape through a series of sketches that were redrawn in pen on Beinfang paper. The facial expressions were made with a few changing lines. The character was finally fleshed out with finer details and color.

The design of this character has great emphasis on line weight where the thicker lines define an emphasis on the forms of the shape. The different line weights are also there to balance the forms along with showing where a possible light source could be from by tucking them into the groves and folds of the character. Most of the lines are very curved giving the form its own uniform balance. The character pose itself is asymmetrical with the use of diagonals to create movement between the horizontal lines.

This project is relevant in animation in creating characters from scratch and refining them to a distinctive roles that can be used within video productions and all forms of animation. It showed how to keep a character on mark and how meaningful pose and facial expressions is to give life to them.

Just of the coast of the mainland was the city where Maon lived. The iron docks steamed across the coastline of the island where the fishers and diving vessels would dock to bring in the sea’s bounties. For most of the islanders these ships were there homes. The island itself hosted little room for structures that would be strong enough to withstand a great ocean’s storm. Lensoa was the name of the island until one day it was bombarded by a massive storm. The locals evacuated and drifted away to the mainland. It took a month for the seas to settle and when the islanders returned to see a ship unlike any they had ever seen had beached itself upon its shore. The vessel was gargantuan with most of its body submerged underwater. After some discussion from the community, a small group was put together to investigate the ship.

Maon was one of the people elected to search the ship. Despite his caution Maon was quite intrigued by how different this vessel was. He would research the artifacts brought back by the divers as a hobby and found some interesting trinkets from the ancient ships that were lost at sea. Man wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

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