Motion Graphics – Mood-board

Colors and font for a typographic project using audio from Stephen Burt at TEDGlobal 2013.

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Motion Graphics – Exercise Journal 2

This exercise is practice using transforming masks to create a blur and mosaic effect with face tracking and the pen tool to outline the affected areas. The title sequence uses a transforming mask with a duplicate layer composited to follow a boot as the title “Shopwork” is revealed behind the footstep. In addition to masking the boot, the text is also masked up to the edge of the boot to follow with a transformation as well.

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Production 2 – Exercise Journal 1

A video of that uses the noise feature to manipulate the different effects on the background. An initial noise animation if created initially with contrasting black and white mosaic effects. The animation is then reused as a mask to filter other effects through to create a glitching look.

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Motion Graphics – Exercise Journal 1

In this short exercise, I experimented with using keyframes to alter the position, opacity, and rotation of text. After creating the animations, by alternating the values of the text properties, I saved the animation as a custom preset to be used on other objects.

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Green Screen Transition Experiment


This video is a practice using adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create nested green screen effects. The main focus of the sequences still life images with some variety in the transitions.

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A short montage about grabbing some food across campus. A short sequence of cuts from different locations and several match cuts. The duration of each shot is roughly the same length to give the video a steady pace.

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Video Art – Graphic Motion

The basis of this video art is a composition depicting the duality of artwork and the natural world. The basis of a lot of artwork stems from an idea or feeling and a lot of the time I use the natural world as a basis for design. The effect of using iconic objects to incorporate meaning isn’t always nuanced enough to get across the right meaning but usually makes for a safe design because of it’s familiarity. A visualization of a process deciding on a concept for artwork.

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